Zimbra’s Commitment to Open Source

As we move forward with our new mission at Zimbra, it’s time to reaffirm our commitment to Open Source software. Open source is part of our DNA at Zimbra. It’s how we started our journey back in 2005 to innovate and bring a next generation email and collaboration platform to the web, mobile and desktop. From our early days, we worked with the broader open source and developer community to develop our own Javascript toolkit as well as to help improve the speed of modern web applications. Now, as we move forward to create a unified suite of social and collaboration tools, Open Source will be at the heart of what we build.

Our Code

Probably goes without saying, if you’re going to be Open Source, so goes the code. We will continue to invest in our Open Source Edition of the Zimbra Collaboration Server both in binary and source formats. Our hope is that hackers and system admins alike can benefit from the work that we’ve done. Learn from the problems we solve…and our bugs ;)… to go on and solve other problems with your own unique solutions.

Our Community

This is an area where we feel we need to double down on. If our code is at the heart of what we do, our community is our pulse. To everyone that uses our software, files bugs, contributes code, gets upset when something doesn’t work, and likes us on Facebook when it does…Thank you! You are the reason why we do this and we owe you so much. Things we are committed to doing:

  • Communicating our future plans and Roadmap.
  • Responding to your questions in a timely manner.
  • Listening to your feedback and letting the voice of the community be heard in our product plans.
  • Building a living knowledge base that’s easy to discovery information and people to connect with.
  • Making it easier for hackers, customers, and partners to contribute to the software to build a better Zimbra.

Investing in a Broad, Open Source Ecosystem

The most important commitment we have to Open source is our energy. Our software influences and connects many users around the world. Our energy however, has the ability to positively influence so much more by our contributions to the broader Open Source community. We’ll continue to invest our energy and resources to contribute to other great projects including OpenLDAP, Jetty, NGINX, Postfix, Apache Lucene, Apache Solr, and more. In our next release of Zimbra we will be adding MariaDB to the list of amazing projects and people that we work with!

Next Steps and Open Questions

There are still a few open questions that we have as we reaffirm our commitment to Open Source, but we are committed to answering them.

  1. Should we consider changing our Open Source license to a license that is more commonly used?
  2. What conferences can our developers and leaders attend to help advance critical open source projects and participate in the community?
  3. As we enable public and private cloud offerings built using Zimbra software, what virtualization and cloud stacks should we build on and contribute to?

This is what Open Source means to the Zimbra team and it establishes our commitment going forward. We’re as excited and passionate as we’ve ever been in our mission to build something big…and to help others do the same!  Please let us know if you have feedback on our commitment to open source and the community going forward.

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