Zimbra.Next (codename: JudasPriest): Full Steam Ahead

It was a crazy first week at the new Telligent + Zimbra. I spent the week in Japan talking with some of our largest partners and customers. As we talked through our vision for a unified social collaboration suite (for which there is no Japanese translation), several questions came up. One we consistently heard was, “what about Zimbra.Next?”

The Zimbra.Next release train has been rolling and there’s no stopping it now. We’ve made a commitment to our customers and partners and we have no intention on going back on that. Zimbra.Next is bringing some significant improvements to the product and some great innovations to market. We’re really excited about this and future releases to come.

The transition and integration between Telligent and Zimbra is having very little impact on the release. We are still planning to ship the release in the first half of 2014 and all the major features that we’ve discussed in our Roadmap are still being delivered. Some of the main highlights include:

HTML5 Touch Client. We have rewritten our mobile client from the ground up using the Sencha Touch HTML5 Mobile App Framework. It’s a full Zimbra experience with our tags, flags, search, and much more. It’s also optimized for todays smartphones and tablet devices with touch and swipe gestures.

HTML5 Offline Client. We announced when Zimbra 8.0 launched that this would be the last release of Zimbra Desktop. We are replacing Zimbra Desktop using the HTML5 offline capability in today’s modern browsers. There’s no installation or configuration. The browser is the client and you can access the Zimbra Web App using the same URL whether you are online or offline. The offline client will also improve web app performance even over high latency connections. We can perform user operations on locally cached data and synchronize the changes in the background.

Always ON Architecture.  Simply put, Email should never go down. It should be Always ON. We’re making several architectural changes to build resiliency and serviceability without downtime into our application. To reduce infrastructure costs, enabling customers to leverage commodity hardware is also a top priority of our Always ON architecture.

This is just the beginning. If you want to see Zimbra.Next first hand as well as some of the innovations that we are working on with the future of Collaboration and Social, come to The Big Social September 23-25 in Dallas, TX.


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